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As you may have guessed from my logo; I'm very much into rusty old neon signs and vintage Americana.  I've been doing commissioned pieces for individual clients.  Much of my art has been photo-realistic images created using computer 3D modelling and photo manipulation.   I plan to do some work for sale as giclée art prints and other merchandise.  I'll be adding a webstore to this site.


Graphic Design

I'm experienced in the professional design and preparation of production-quality artwork for logos, menus, posters, brocuchures, signs, displays, product labels, packaging, book covers, etc.  I've worked for several private and corporate clients.


3D Design

My years as an architectural technologist, licensed merchandise designer and designer of food equipment merchandisers and kiosks has allowed me to develop my talents in 3D design.  My experience ranges from having a role in the design of multi-million dollar office buildings to mousemats.  In the last few years I've used my 3D skills to assist clients with space planning and interior design for restaurants, exhibition design, product design, packaging, architectural renderings, product design and illustration and much more.



I am developing my web skills.  I created this site. I have a relationship with a partner company; 2++|TooPlusPlus ( allowing me to offer excellent full website development services.



My clients understand that I am employed full-time as a graphic designer.  I do freelance work during my free time in the evening and weekends. As such,, it's ideal to communicate with me via email because I'm not usually available during normal business hours.

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